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52326 - Charlotte Star is going through a tough time in her life. With the help of her friend, Amber Leigh, she's packing up and getting ready to leave her husband. Although Amber is supportive of her and just wants her to be happy, she's confused since she thought Charlotte and her husband were in a happy marriage. She only becomes even more confused when Charlotte avoids directly answering her questions...As Charlotte carries another box outside, Amber grabs her own box to take out but stops. She spots a lesbian DVD in the box and is surprised. What is Charlotte doing with a lesbian DVD??When Charlotte returns, Amber confronts her about the DVD. It takes some convincing but Charlotte finally admits that it's hers and that the real reason she's getting a divorce is because she thinks she's a lesbian. Amber is shocked but also empathetic, telling Charlotte that she should've come to her, especially since Charlotte knows SHE'S a lesbian!Even as Charlotte talks about it, she begins to get cold feet and tries to talk herself out of the divorce. Amber tries to soothe her, then offers to get intimate with Charlotte to help her see if she can really be with girls after all. Although Charlotte is afraid of hurting their friendship, she HAS to try to know for sure!Amber eases Charlotte into the experience with sensual touches and caresses, although it's not long before she's between Charlotte's legs eating out her pussy. Charlotte forgets all her worries as she surrenders to the moment, eager to return the favor to make Amber writhe with pleasure, too. It's taken a long time for Charlotte to embrace herself and move forward, but better late than never...

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