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54045 - Czech celebrity Kira Zen shoots the sexiest video diaries in Prague. Filming every moment of her weekend--from her booty workouts to steamy post-gym showers, and from her solo fingerbangs to naked dance parties--this gorgeous actress can sure sell a story. Once Kira's amateur POV softcore goes online, there isn't a man or woman in Europe who won't lust after her! But this bisexual babe only has eyes for her pornstar girlfriend, Cristal Caitlin. Reunited at last in Cristal's hotel room, the two lovers can't wait to pleasure each other's juicy pussies. Lots of licking, fingering, and face-fucking ensues, as Kira and Cristal enjoy their passionate romance that fame will never tarnish!

Download this video from Girlfriends
Download this from Girlfriends