Lesbian Massage Turns Hardcore! - Euro Girls on Girls


Today we have two Russian babes, the brunette Dulce and newcomer black-haired Yanie in a hot lesbian massage set that goes from sensual softcore to heated hardcore! Dulce is up first and Yanie helps her out of her clothes, running her hands along her body as she does so. As Dulce gets up on the table, Yanie strips out of her tanktop and skirt and gets down to business. She pours oil on Dulce's back and gives her a sensual massage with her hands and as Dulce slowly gets warmed up, Yanie takes it up a notch and massages with her whole body. When Dulce turns on her back, Yanie continues to massage with her hands and body from her small perky tits down to her cleanly shaved pussy, where she stops to give her a good clitoral massage with her tongue. Going for some deep internal massaging, Yanie gets out a huge rubber dildo and gives Dulce some good pussy insertions. Then it's Dulce's turn to return the favor with some pussy licking, stimulation with a clit teaser, and deep penetrations with the rubber dildo. You'll love the awesome close-ups of Yanie's pink lips wrapped around the toy and her juices that come out with it! Yanie is so wet that it's easy enough for Dulce to slip the rubber dong into her ass and pump it in her puckered hole. With Dulce working on the anal insertions, Yanie fingers herself to an orgasm that will leave her and you breathless on your end!