Bring Out The Wild! - Euro Girls on Girls


Lola N. and Frida are obviously quite happy to be back on the DDF charts and they’ve been especially busy shooting hot lesbian sets, such as the sizzling one you will see today! The pretty blonde Lola and the brunette beauty Frida bring out the animal in each other, and they’ll bring out the wild in you as you see the two Czech babes looking fine and sexy in their leopard print lingerie and heels. They take their sweet time sensually kissing, and then running their hands and lips up and down each other’s bodies. The lingerie pieces come off slowly, as they knead and lick their tits, and finger and tongue their pussies. They turn up the heat very deliberately making you want to burst, as you watch Lola pull and stretch Frida’s pink lips or see Frida tug at Lola’s g-strings with her teeth. The constant moaning that you hear coming from them carry a power all their own, as well! It’s a call of the wild for sure and you won’t want to miss these close-ups!