Put It To Good Use, Scene #01 - All Girl Massage

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74475 - A masseuse, April Olsen, is surprised when a bolster is delivered to the massage parlor. She hadn't ordered the bolster, and she isn't too experienced with using them. However, she doesn't want it to go to waste, so she decides to put it to good use with her next client.When the client, Casey Calvert, arrives, she is curious about the bolster. April tells her it's a freebie for the day, so Casey agrees to try it. Casey strips down and then gets into position on the bolster, which raises her posterior. As April massages Casey, they both start to understand the advantages of the new angle, and Casey enjoys herself... especially when April focuses on massaging Casey's ass.April starts to become flustered herself, and offers to make today's massage an EXTRA special one. Casey happily agrees, so they have sensual sex, starting with April fondling and tasting Casey's raised rear. It's clear that there are many benefits to using a bolster!

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Download this from All Girl Massage