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15984 - Adrianna Luna went out with her boyfriend and had crazy sex the night before coming to get a massage for her first time. Her body was so sore from ''Last Night's Pounding'' - she had to get rubbed down. The busty brunette took her clothes off and wrapped herself in a towel. Sophia Bella poured oil all over Adrianna's sore, sexually exhausted body until her skin was glistening. Sophia's hands were traveling to private places when Adrianna asked her ''are you supposed to be massaging me there?'' The masseuse told her that it's part of the therapeutic massage. Sophia gave Adrianna a pussy massage with her tongue, making her completely wet in her mouth until she started coming. Sophia took her robe and lingerie off so Adrianna could put her hands and mouth on her perfect body. Sophia licked her lips watching Adrianna get into her pussy and lick every inch of it.

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Download this from All Girl Massage